Staffing requirements and other human resource management activities are very different compared to those of traditional organizations. Similar is the case with the National Book Festival.

A heavy responsibility rests on the shoulders of the event manager who is responsible to fine tune the idea, initiated by the First Lady, and develop it into a proper plan. The event manager has to decide the scope of the event, the geographical location and other venue requirements, and the human resource needs, hence resulting in an effective translation of the National Book Festival vision into a proper and complete human resource plan.

Each job role and its description should be specified clearly to ensure that the right kind of people are selected for the right job.

The event manager has to attend to every tiniest detail of all the plans for the festival day, including contingency plans, and assign adequate human resources to make sure all goes well.

It is extremely important that each staff member knows exactly what he/she is supposed to do before and on the event. A proper orientation and training program to ensure that all staff members can relate to the cause of the event and have the skills and ability to perform their designated duties.

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