The colony had its ruling class, leaders who represented the king in his absence. They tried to uphold the law and maintain order in the colonies. However, some leaders openly favored people who were close to them, ensured that they got sufficient protection, sometimes even letting them go free when in the wrong. This was an act that did not please many, leading to dissensions among the masses.


There were established different acts that were out in place to manage the lives of the people and to ensure that they followed the law and provided money for the colony. For example the stamps act: this was put in place to help pay for the cost of maintaining the British Army that was situated along the frontier. The sugar act helped reduce smuggling of sugar from countries that were not form theWest Indies. The tea act allowed for the sale of English tea inAmerica. The sedition act on the other hand banned the publishing of bogus writings that were against the government.

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