Sample Essay

TO: Mr. Simon Victor, VP Sales, Star Cinema Inc.

FROM: James Donald, Analyst, Market Research Corporation.

DATE: 23 May 26, 2010

SUBJECT: Star Cinema Sales Analysis

Dear Mr. Victor,

Thank you very much for hiring Market Research Corporation for providing sales research consultancy to your organization. As per agreed terms of contract, our team conducted a country wide survey of cinema last month in order to gather data about the films shown as well as their gross which would be helpful in putting forward recommendations to enhance the business of Star Cinema.

The analysis of the data collected by out team has revealed that only handful of films have been able to capture the attention of significant number of audience while the rest have either been mediocre or can been deemed unsuccessful at box office. Out of the 100 films for which our team collected data, only 7% have been able to gross more than $100 million with Star Wars: Episode III topping the list, grossing a total of $380 million with $108 million coming from its première in more than 3600 theatres. The film, which received high praises prior to its debut because of its entertaining story and tremendous use of visual effects, has been more than a success at box office, spending all 19 weeks in top films currently being shown in theatres.   23% of the films have been able to gross between $30 million to $80 million, a figure sufficient enough to deem them as having mediocre success, while 70% of the films did much less than their expectations. The worst film in terms of returns in theaters right now is  Head On which not only had  a poor gross of only $20,000 but has only been able to collect $110,000 in total despite being release 10 weeks ago (Anderson, Sweeney, and Williams ).

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