Sample Essay


With the passage of time, people of America has started focusing more and more on the quality of education that is being provided to the youth. This has opened doors of quality education for all. The decision of which college a student should go to is a very important one, keeping in mind the fact that the education that a person receives is one of the most major factors which determine whether the student would turn out to be a productive and helpful member of the society. In the current times, we have two choices of colleges, them being private and public. Private colleges can here by be considered better for some reasons that would be discussed further on and since the last couple of years there has been a sudden drift towards private education as compared to public colleges.
Private colleges are those that are funded by their owners and do not receive any funding from the government. These colleges are expensive, but they also provide financial aid packages to their students and another factor here is that these colleges are very picky about the students that they allow to study there. On the other hand, public colleges are those that are funded by the state and are easily affordable. The quality of education is somehow considered a bit different in both the circumstances. Other differences that are considered include disciplinary issues, teacher student bonding, rights of expulsion etc. However, the basic factor which makes parents admit their children into public colleges is the low academic fees; even though students at private colleges can also receive funds which make private colleges a better option for the students.

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