Sample Essay

A major part of what a person turns out to be as an adult depends on his/her treatment as a child by an adult. Therefore young children are suppose to be protected and provided with all that is necessary for bringing them up as better and normal adults for the smooth running of the society.

Child abuse has always been amongst the negative part of every society. There are four major types of abuse; physically abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. Most of the time the abuse is coming from people close to the child, caregivers, parents, babysitters and other family members. Due to acts of abuse children suffer greatly and it won’t be wrong to say that these experiences are definitely engraved into the child’s personality. The main long term after effects of child abuse that have been proven by facts are psychological disorders, crime and addiction, and most shockingly these abused children grow up to be child abusers themselves.

Figures of child abuse are rising ‘in 2007, approximately 5.8 million children were involved in an estimated 3.2 million child abuse reports and allegations in the US’. (National Child Abuse Statistics, 2007). The increasing number of this gruesome crime however is not just limited to the US but the same trend can be seen all over the world. There are many organizations working to curb this problem however the main requirement for elimination is awareness of the consequences that abuse leads to.

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