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College years generally are considered to be the best time that a student can have in his or her academic life. Along with the learning, development and opportunities of growth, colleges and universities bring about infrequent partying as well as a couple mistakes that go unnoticed. But, in recent years the years as well as the life that is spent by students in colleges and universities have taken a radical turn.

During these academic years, students tend to worry about passing their exams, but since some years their fears have risen above those concerns where they also have to worry about what they would have to face if they make even a single mistake and turn down the wrong corner. A number of college crimes are being committed and witnessed by many. College violence is a major concern now-a-days. There have been reports of increased campus violence since a long period of time; as long as the beginning of the 1980s. The reasons are still under consideration. But, even though times have passed, the crimes committed on campus at college or university largely remain unreported to the higher authorities or not made known by institutions. Because of this reason it is hard to guess just how much the number of such crimes has increased in recent years. It is believed that even though comparative data is not easy to obtain from the past years, but still a vast number of students as well as teachers and student affairs professionals believe that there is a certain increase in the violence on campuses these days.

Campuses of colleges and universities are places that are inhabited by persons that have major risks for inadvertent and brutal damage. Among the people living on campuses, most are those who are single and have gained freedom from the supervision of their parents for the first time. In spite of the much concern that this issue has received, precise information related to the extent and nature of this issue is extremely hard to come by.

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