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In the book under consideration, namely Blood Done Sign My Name, a young Vietnamexpert is killed in his home locality, as abruptly as a summer storm, in an occurrence that aggravated a blaze of aggression and detestation that has yet to be compressed back into the southern soil from which it pounced.

      Dickie Marrow lay powerless on the ground importunate for his life while three men beat him senseless with fists, feet and the butt of a rifle. After which someone said, “Shoot the son of a bitch!” and one man fired up a shot into Dickie’s brain. This is an event that had a number of witnesses. Not any of the perpetrators were queried by the police until at least forty eight hours after the happening, and people who willingly and at some jeopardy to themselves came forward to offer to give testimony to the police without delay afterwards had to wait until they lastly left the station. The fact remains that Dickie Marrow was black and his attackers were white. What makes it more interesting and intensifying that racial discrimination is still persistent inUnited States is that the incident took place in the year 1970, nearly ten years after civil rights was thought to be a done deal inOxford,North Carolina.

Blood Done Sign My Name is a basic coverage for accepting the currents and the undercurrents of the Civil Rights movement: the impracticable hopes of the meager left, the self-destructive antagonism of the young, and the consequences transform for the improved, changes for the inferior, and no factual sense of finality on either side. Tyson makes as valiant an attempt as anyone could to find redemptive truth through an intellectual classification of the multifaceted and upsetting facts of the case. In doing so, all of us are condemned, and we are all vindicated. In his rationalization for being focused so much of his innovative life on the assessment of the murder of Dickie Marrow, Tyson states, “We are runaway slaves from our own past, and only by turning to face the hounds can we find our freedom beyond them.”

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