Sample Essay

Being a staunch Communist, Rubashov authentically has faith in all Marxist/Leninist theories of revolution, and that history moves along in a rational series. HE also has a firm faith in “ends justify any means”, which made him sacrifice a vast number of people so as to make sure that communist regime is held high. He feels remorseful for them but confidence in his beliefs as well as the outcomes of a number of decades of propaganda has stopped him from having a sense of right and wrong. He is made a man of authority but then every rise has a fall and eventually he gets deceived by the same system that he worked so hard to create and establish.

Rubashov in the beginning denies the charges that have been levied on him but then eventually he accepts his fault and then makes a public confession of his crimes, that too the crimes that he has not committed at all. He is tortured a bit so as to make him confess by the use of too much light and not allowing him to sleep for days at end. Rubashov, all of a sudden decides at some stage in his questioning that he might get permitted to sleep if he confesses his culpability on all accusations at once. In a warped judgment of regret/service to the Party, he makes a decision to tolerate himself to be dishonored at every turn. After his confession, the protagonist is shot. Darkness at Noon has no competition in revealing the exact line of attack of carrying out deception trials everyday in Stalinist Russia.

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