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After this embarrassing act, the couple discusses tactics to break away from suburbia to go get settled in Paris which would give them the chance to try for their careers; where April would get hired and Frank will discover what he in actual fact wishes to do in his life. Unluckily April gets expectant once more and this chucks away their plans completely. It is the wish of the father that is frank to have the baby, while at the other hand April wishes to go for an abortion. When she says that she does not want to go ahead with having the baby, Frank rejects and recommends that she take up psychotherapy.

The discrepancy forces the Wheelers away from each other and they dispute appallingly. Eventually it is decided by April to do things her way and she tries to abort the fetus which eventually causes her own death. This is a decision which was taken by herself in her loneliness where she feels being alienated from the world. She starts taking everything in a negative manner and never considers anything else. In the words of the author, describing the intensity of April’s loneliness and the rationale that she had behind taking this decision about her life as well as of the child’s, “She was calm and quiet now with knowing what she had always known, what neither her parents nor Aunt Claire nor Frank nor anyone else had ever had to teach her: that if you wanted to do something absolutely honest, something true, it always turned out to be a thing that had to be done alone” (Yates, p. 311).

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