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Muhammad used to visit Mount Hira for worship and at the time that he turned forty; during one of his visits to the mount he received his first revelation from Gabriel. This way the entire Quran was revealed unto Muhammad in a period of twenty three years. The mission of the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad was to reinstate the reverence of Allah, and spread the teachings of Islam as were previously taught by Prophet Ibrahim and all the previous prophets of Islam and to reveal and complete the laws of ethical, moral, lawful, and societal manner and all other affairs of importance for the humankind in general. Sources say that, “is the kind of person who combines political and military and social and religious and intellectual dimensions of life in ways that are important for those of us in the 21st century who are struggling to put together complete lives ourselves” (Spencer, p.1).
Some people of Makkah believed in the teachings of Muhammad but he also faced challenges. Because of this, Muhammad migrated to Medina. To make certain the tranquility and serenity, the Prophet anticipated a treaty by putting forward the provisions of conduct for all populace of Medinah. The treaty was approved by all including Muslims, non-Muslim Arabs, and Jews etc. When he migrated to Medina, the opponents of Islam amplified their attack from all sides. The Battles of Badr, Uhud and Allies (Trench) were fought. As a vast number of Muslim women were widowed as a consequence of these battles, Muhammad married several women until the number of wives allowed in Islam was limited to a maximum of four. Muhammad was a very simple person and his diet included dates, dried bread and water. He died in 623 CE (Fatoohi, p.1).
In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that Muhammad who was the last prophet of Islam was a simple person who worked hard for the spread of Islam not only in Arab, but in various parts of the world.

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