Sample Essay

Certain information provided by the author can be held true in the current times as yet, while on the other hand some facts mentioned by her are now considered erroneous. First of all the first fact mentioned by her is that such children need help. Whether it be back in those days or in today’s fast paced world, such children desperately need help and attention. Another fact that she mentions which is true as yet is that the number of such children with mental retardation is on the rise.

     On the other hand what can be held as erroneous in the current times are the statistics provided by her as well as the notion that she gives that such children are a source of sorrow for the parents. Another erroneous statement of hers is that finding help for such children is hard. In the current times there are a vast number of options available for helping such children meet with their requirements as well as treatment and care.


      In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that the book under consideration is a moving narrative of a mother who went through a lot of pain and distress after finding out about her child’s disability.

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