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Another important aspect of consideration in upstream traceability as Fan (The National Image of Global Brands) and Achenbaum in the Journal of Advertising argue out is how purchasers position their particular brand in the market. They go on to advise that consumers will quickly recognize any unique concept which the producers use to establish their product in the struggle for product differentiation in the market. 19, 23 Therefore, Fan advises that it is the supplier’s major objective to ensure that the new ingredient brand has been effectively positioned in relation to the value it will bring to each member of its value chain.19

Though Strategic positioning  usually play a great role in establishing  of a core value on how the brand will conduct out most of the  market responses or welfare; in relation to how this can be linked to government regulation, Light and Goldstine in Harvard Business Review, argue that the suppliers should make it clear to both the authority and their targeted consumers by emphasizing on the most relevant benefits that the staged brand promises for each member of its chain. 23 Besides, effective brand positioning will make a real contribution as a conceptual vehicle through which various marketing concepts such as product differentiation, market segmentation 24 target markets, consumer preference and more importantly government approval may be coordinated effectively.12, 18 Presently at the moment, both Achenbaum and Petty & Cacioppo mention that the application of these concepts of “positions” by suppliers has shown or is showing some form of promise. 23, 25

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