Sample Essay

In order to ensure the conservation of Amazon, everybody from the top-level government to an individual has to contribute. TREES is a concept of five basic principle used to understand and save rainforests globally. The five basic principles are to “Teach others about the importance of the environment; Restore damaged ecosystem; Encourage people; Establish parks; and Support companies” (Butler). TREES is a fundamental and simple concept which if properly implemented in Amazon can yield great results and can go long way in conserving the rainforests all around the world.

Firstly, awareness should be developed among masses regarding deforestation and their role in the preventing any disaster. Secondly, restoration process should take place on both individual and governmental so that further damage can be prevented. Simply replacing each tree that has been cut by a new one can complete the process of Restoration. Increase awareness and usage of environmental friendly products and emphasis on the end result if such products are not used. Fourthly, build protected areas as parks within the rainforests so that the rare species and other animals living can be protected. This will also result in the employment of local people. Lastly encourage organizations that are eco-friendly.

Now specifically following actions can be taken by governments, businesses and individuals to conserve the Amazon. The activities that can be performed by the local governments in order to conserve Amazon Rainforest are that primarily they should avoid actions that result in the deforestation of Amazon. This would include commercialization and industrialization of such areas; these activities will not only result in the loss hundred of acres of forests but will accelerate the process of global warming.

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