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Companies in today’s world face a number of problems such as competing demands from quarters, friction between centralized and distributed network systems, information leading to organization silos and user confusion. EIA offers certain strategies that solve these problems for organizations in the today’s world. This has added to the significance and importance of EIA in organizations. EIA plays an important part in preparing websites for organizations since virtual business is now an integral part of the businesses in organizations nowadays. The strategies proposed by EIA that are operatable in the real world are as follows:

 Top-down approach: These strategies are related to taxonomy mostly since they tend to convert organization oriented to user oriented. There are a set of strategies that contribute to this approach and conversion and it is time taking. The strategies are as follows:

o To bring about changes in taxonomy to make it more product oriented.
o To make organizational charts out of site maps.
o To prepare a specialized site index.
o To prepare guides and topic pages.

Bottom-up approach: This approach has more to do with the structure rather than the current aspects and the major activities include:

o Content Modeling
o Metadata development

Search: This is present in all websites but the problems include too much results, too less results and irrelevant results. But these problems can be solved with the following:

o Feedback regarding combinations of search terms
o Control over the context and areas of information being searched upon.
o Spell check is necessary.

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