Sample Essay

  • Non-Customization – completely following the global branding and marketing strategy
  • Adapting the message – adapting marketing messages and language to that of the GCC countries.
  • Adapting the portfolio- customizing a myriad of products and services which stand dependent on the needs of local people i.e. developing and selling products which are coherent with the culture of the GCC countries. (Trade 1993)
  • Custom Product design- market specific products are developed and sold.

The first point of adaptation which is “non-customization” is apparently the simplest and the easiest. The second option which centers on adapting the message is apparently the simplest route employed by most companies who wish to pursue their business aspirations in the Gulf. In this approach Arab language and certain customized themes and taglines for the region are used while the product remained unchanged. The third option is to adapt the portfolio in which the same product is sold as that in other countries, but changing the mix. Those aspects that appeal more to GCC buyers are added and highlighted while marketing the product. The fourth and the most difficult yet the most rewarding option are custom-product design. In this approach, products and services, peculiar to the GCC countries and in accordance with their ethnic and cultural values are developed and sold.

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