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The tastes are no longer the main factor of creating desire of consumer and the value of product, therefore we have to understand the marketplace, analyze the whole environment and understand the consumer behavior. Vive La France not just selling delicious dessert but to delivering memorable customer experience by building strong branding strategy to engage customers on deeper level, touching universal emotions.
Brand positioning

France is a beautiful country of romantic, happy and relaxing country, and chocolate bringing happiness and sweet memories for people. We will position Vive La France on strong beliefs and values. We started of the brand name Vive La France (means long live france), by positioning the Vive la France is sophisticated and relaxing, and the brand message is providing the consumer a great quality of  taste and healthy and relaxing lifestyle.
Besides that, we will create an appealing and entertaining environment with unbeatable quality at an exceptional price. An exciting and friendly restaurant, we will be the talk of the town. Therefore, the execution of our concept is the most critical element of our plan. All menu items moderately priced for the area. While we are not striving to be the lowest-priced restaurant, we are aiming to be the value leader.
Competitive Advantage
Our competitive edge is the menu, the chef, the environment, the management, the service and our friendly place! We will have a French cuisine menu that will make with the finest ingredients and produce available. The chef has an excellent taste for chocolate and dessert is and requires. Our environment is sophisticated and comfortable and our decor is warm and relaxing. Great service is very important to us. The management and servers will handle every detail to make customer’s special evening even more special! All this and our great atmosphere will make customers want to come back repeatedly.

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