Sample Essay

The decision taken by Edward Liddy to resign from his post at a time when the company and the markets are facing recessionary pressures makes the company vulnerable to even the slightest changes in the environment. However based on the progress of the company since it received government support eight months ago the resignation of Liddy can be seen as a foresight as well as a detachment from the issue.

On one hand Liddy has left the company at a time when string support and guidance is required, leaving the future of the company somewhat bleak and depicting signs that the company might be facing imminent failure. However on the other hand it also brings a ray of hope as maybe the new management that would take effect would be much more apt and capable of aiding theAIGgroup to recover and fight through the recessionary pressur4es and survive in the long-term. The final verdict however rests with the performance of the company in the next few months based on the current as well as new plans that are turned into actionable initiatives.

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