Sample Essay

The effective and efficient utilization of managerial tools and decision making requires polished and experienced managerial expertise (Haslinda, 2009). Development is regarded as the focal point that has the power to converge the energies of the management and employees together towards the achievement of organizational goals. The strength of the management in an organization is depicted by the outcomes of the staff members. This advocates the point that the managers also need to be developed (Bolden, 2007).

The significance of self as well as professional development of the mangers is the core issue that all the organizations aim to cater. Self development implies to all the efforts that needs to generate a sense of goodwill in the manger for the organization it works for. The organizations are in a healthy practice of hiring the appropriate individuals for the managerial position and later help these managers to develop their skills by giving them the authority to exercise their legitimate powers. This as a matter of fact is a crucial issue because the organization have to ensure that the manger exhibits Organizational Citizenship Behavior. A developed manager will take an ethical approach for the organizational affairs and will orchestrate the efforts of its subordinates in a democratic rather than an autocratic way. Apart from the importance of self development of a manager the professional development also plays a vital role for the organization. A professional and well developed management will form authentic criterion for treating and orchestrating the efforts of the subordinates in the right direction. In order to adhere and achieve the mission and vision of the organization the management needs development. This development can be either done by making the managers learn and evolve new practices or by training the managers with respect to the changing environment and marketplace fluctuations. All the developmental activities are concerned with the managerial expertise and employee welfare.

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