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When a firm/company expands or goes into different country to open up their branch office, they are actually facing up with new challenges. There are certain strengths that a business has when it expands into international market where as there are threats and weaknesses too which are encountered by the firm/organization.

Deustche bank is one of the biggest names in the banking sector and the bank has its roots from Germany. The bank has numerous branches across Germany and also across many European countries like Poland, Sweden, France, Italy etc. Although the bank has been very successful across the Europe region due to which it has decided to expand further by penetrating into Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

Asia Pacific has been the prime location discussed by the board of directors of Deustche Bank as countries in that region are far stronger in terms of their economic conditions. Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore being the most prominent regions where the bank wants to come up with their branches.

With discussions done and decision made, it was decided to open up a branch in Singapore which is the most advanced economic country of Asia with all the head offices and head quarters located in the region.

There are multiple strengths and weakness Deustche Bank will be carrying up with while penetrating in Singapore banking sector. The Strengths are plenty as the name of the bank is well known with a rich banking history. Clients with banking interests would be much more interested to make their transactions into the bank and deal their banking issues along with Deustche Bank. Hence the name of the bank itself would be the biggest strength while entering into the Singapore banking sector. The other strength for the bank would be that a lot many German clients of the bank might consider opening their bank accounts in Singapore with the same bank with the motive of getting new services from the bank which are not launched in German region.

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