Sample Essay

Some of the causes associated with stress include vulnerable and miserable working conditions, prolonged working periods, type of relationship with colleagues since team work is entrenched on this fact, diminished job security, means of transport may be unfavorable to some employees hence challenges in trying to commute to and from work, management of the company and low salaries and wages (Greiner et al., 1998).

There are employees who feel under worked or overworked or feel that their job designation does not match their qualifications. For example, when one is supposed to serve as an accountant but assigned as the front office manager or a receptionist. These from the word go does not give satisfaction to the employee. In rare cases will one posit a particular cause of work-related stress. All in all it can evolve due to sudden, unexpected pressures and more so due to the combination of stressful factors that develop as time goes.

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