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Another study on the cellular telephones and driving performance was conducted on the effects of attention demands on motor vehicle crash risk by James Hunton and Jacob Rose in 2005. The study made use of simulated driving experiments where the drivers used hands free sets as well as took the test without using the phones.

The study was able to prove that the telephone conversations on the mobile set tend to distract the driving making him more prone to the risk of a motor vehicle crash. The reason for this was identified that “cell phone conversations lack the nonverbal cues available during close-contact conversations and conversation participants expend significant cognitive resources to compensate for the lack of such cues.” (Hunton & Rose, 2005)

In order to support these results evidence can also be provided form a user interview poll in which the consumers and active users of cell phones responded to the study by The study depicted that 41 percent of the respondents confessed to swerving into the wrong lane when driving while using the cell phone. “One study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that drivers who frequently use their cell phones while driving are four times more likely to have an accident than drivers who do not.” (‘Cell Phone Safety’, 2002)

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