As a human service professional, the study of science-driven theory that guide the practice of counseling is of great significance as it offers one a platform of doing comprehensive counseling work.

In particular, a theoretical approach to human service work can go a long way in helping me understand my clients and therefore be in a position to know what techniques I am supposed to apply in counseling my patient. Since theories originate from research and practice, they offer the human service worker a way of organizing his/her ideas in addition to directing him/her to a possible plan of action. As a human service professional, it is true to say that, I could only be doing my own thing if I do not allow theory to guide me in practice. In view of the fact that theories have a long history in addition to being supported by research, they aid a human service professional an important theorist’s perspective of the human nature, which is critical in the practice of counseling (Nuekrag, 2012).

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