Sample Essay

Success and failures are part of any venture and it is effort of every business entrepreneur or the manager to make sure that business heads towards the right direction that guarantees success and not the failure. Citibank in its launching of Credit cards system in Asia Pacific has made both some right and wrong choices in launching the credit card plan.

In terms of success, there is a high chance and probability for Citibank to explore the large market segment of Asia Pacific region which includes prosperous nations like Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Hong Kong. All these countries are economically sound nations and launching credit card systems in these regions would definitely give boom to the profit/revenue stream for the Citibank. Apart from this, Citibank has the clear idea of how to launch credit cards in the Asia Pacific region either by taking over any existing credit card business in the region or to launch their own system which would be expensive but would ensure fine results. This clearly showed that the direction of launching the credit card system in Asia Pacific has been correct. With two most fine methods available to penetrate into regional countries and their market, Citibank has an advantage which leads towards a sound response for the bank in terms of its launch of credit cards system.

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