Sample Essay

What personal characteristics would be necessary for a successful project manager?  Which of these can be learned?

 Every organization which is being operated and engaged in various activities is focused towards working on certain projects due to which organizations hire an individual as a project manager to take over all the responsibilities of the tasks to be carried out related to that particular project. While hiring a project manager, the human resource and recruitment department tries to make sure that they are hiring the right individual for the vacant post and the individual has all the right skills needed to be in a project manager so that the chances of project being run smoothly and its success probability increases (Selden, 2007, p. 109).

A successful project manager is described as one who has complete command over the project which is being assigned to him and is able to manage the operations in a proper manner. He/she must have ample past experience of handling such projects so that in cases of any hurdle that comes in the way, the manager would be well aware how to overcome that particular problem. A successful project manager is most likely to have the habit of interacting with his team on regular basis and must have proper communication skills so that the progress of the team can be analyzed on day to day basis. A successful project manager is most likely to set goals for his team mates on regular basis and guide the team regularly to achieve those goals. If goals are not set on regular basis and no direction is provided then there are ample chances of goals not being achieved on time resulting in project not being a success (Selden, 2007, p. 109)

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