Sample Essay

Reading is a skill which requires a lot of practice. The more you read the more fluent you become .Unfortunately, students are engaged in other activities at school even at an early age and are not reading enough, hence the lack of fluency, and lack of fluency takes the fun out of reading. The kind of reading practice students do is important. Students need to read materials at a level which is challenging without being frustrating. This is called the zone of proximal development. It is the reading level at which reading practice will produce the greatest growth.

All readers, whether adults or children, share similar traits. One of them is self monitoring. A child should be able to make connections with the words he is attempting to read and those he has heard. He should be able to ask himself the question that does this word sound right or do I have to pronounce it differently to make sense. All readers lose track of what they are reading at times. A good reader is one who stops and knows when he should re read a passage for it to make sense. Teachers and parents also need to encourage children to self monitor themselves rather than exert pressure on them to read very fast and therefore lose track. The second trait good readers should possess is structural awareness. A child reading a story or a book should be aware of the genre and the feel of the reading material. This will enable him to make connections with the words he has to read. Choosing appropriate reading material can contribute in making a good reader. Often parents choose books that are either one level above or below the child’s reading ability. A lower level book gets the child bored whereas a higher level book may not be interesting although he can read the words, but then he loses the fun of reading.

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