Sample Essay

The first and foremast thing in management is planning and managers need to set the foundations for planning in order to anticipate the right results. The managers need to plan effectively and there are theories supporting this proposition like Henri Fayol’s principles of management,Hawthornestudies etc (Robbins and DeCenzo; 2001).

These are some of the reasons for planning and they show the importance of planning. Since managers in this case study need to plan effectively in order to create a trickle down effect in the organization.

Managers need to be inspirational and also become the leaders and not just remain commanding machines and try to manage and control aggressively. They need to do it with expertise and influence the workers in order to motivate them to work more efficiently. This will improve performance levels which is a necessity in this case (MILSOME, S; 2006). Leadership is a central organizational process and not a mere question of grandiose labeling. An organization is a hierarchical structure that moves from the top level management to the bottom. Being at the top is not every person’s cup of tea because they made an effort to achieve it. The others who are not as capable choose to be at the bottom of the structure. The top level management manages through a proper chain of command that every person must report to no more than one entitled boss. The structure gives every manager a span of control that limits the number of subordinates working under each manager. These concepts in the structure help to delegate authority down into the entire organization since every organization has a top-down structure and without a leader the company will go haywire. Leadership is the result of this hierarchical structure that organizes a company into an efficient organization (Robbins and DeCenzo; 2001).

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