Sample Essay

This is an argumentative topic so it has to be on both sides of the topic so it would be on two parameters as one question is normally asked that is Are suicide bombers Insane? Research has proved that suicide bombers are always making rational strategies to achieve certain goals. Perhaps its sheer stupidity to achieve their goals or win power over with the coward

Display of power and no matter whatever they do they end up not respected because this is not the appeal of the fellow men. Researchers have come to this conclusion that the driving force which has been the main focus for these suicide attacks has been “Revenge and Retaliation” (Robinson, 2001).

By clear investigations and examining what statements suicide bombers made as in their family and their representatives made was truly believed that they were governed by a strategic logic but in many cases they have been motivated to take the revenge either it was to give up their life for the avenge of some close relative or a family member who was brutally killed and was innocent. They are motivated and brain-washed in such a way that they have taken the wrong direction and in the light of Islam, which ofcourse is a sin and the one doing it will end up directly into hell and these suicidal attack community which is working cowardly is working hard to destroy the image of Islam which is so not true. There was a perception amongst the people that suicide bombers have been crazy, irrational and sick and it has always been this one sided approach which has always resulted in bringing out these minor irrelevant conclusions. Suicide attacks always have the strategic advantage that is they are responsible for bringing benefits as in achieving goals not necessarily it is always true or not but certainly has some effect on it and Iraq has been a prime example under these circumstances.

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