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Suicide bombing has its own reasons because with the latest research it has been proved that under right circumstances there is always a possibility that anyone of us can end up being a suicide bomber which is very true because experts have found out that they have their own reasons which leads them to end up blowing themselves. Hence, this should be cured rather than getting rid of it and in other words you can only cure it by preventing it (Dein & Little, 2000).

Marc Sageman, former CIA officer and a forensic psychiatrist says that if a normal person is given the same situation suicide bombers have they end up doing the same thing in the end.

Experts have been saying that these suicide bombers are not necessarily irrational and with this never ending and debatable topic we should note that still today in different societies people are honored for what they have been doing, they have been given this honor of killing themselves in order to kill others as the Japanese Kamikaze pilots been the major source in the World War II. The suicide attacks today has been a recruiting event for others as the instructions are very clear and bombs examples are set and the one with a immature head will definitely be inspired by this and its like they were born to be a suicide bomber, it is a process in which anyone can become a suicide bomber, it is a process in which you’re mind is functions in such a way that you tend to loose the ability for good or bad its more like you just do it in a way that you don’t care and with a fact that they have in their minds that they are not doing any evil justice and will definitely end up in heaven by forging its gate but its our responsibility to help such people to get out of this mind state which is barely impossible as they are functioned in such a way and they do whatever they think is the best. From the High school of Colorado there were two young boys who have been responsible for killing themselves and they were very much inspired by the whole media hype about the suicide bombers and they just tried it and it was devastating in the end as things have been very different in the US itself after the 9/11 suicide attacks (Colvard, 2002).

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