Sample Essay

If one wishes to pursue a business in the GCC countries, the main challenge would be to find a marketing strategy that best fits his business. Most multinational organizations have approached GCC countries with varying degrees of market planning and preparation.

Some firms such as oil and gas companies have long operated in the GCC countries through linkages with the Gulf governments and foreign allies. Others have been introduced in the region through enterprising local distributors or agents, and with little or no attention paid to their entry by the Global head office. Another set-like GAP and IKEA have been more specific about their market entry and their local marketing strategy, negotiating terms carefully and monitoring the performances of local franchises with rigor. Most companies have stipulated GCC to be a strategic priority and have entered the market directly or through joint ventures with local partners. Thus, claiming that a firm’s marketing approaches are deliberate would not be completely accurate. Nevertheless, there have been a myriad of ways through which multinational companies have approached the region depending on the ethnic and cultural background.

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