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In Suneeta Peres de Costa work, homework, family representation is again exemplified by the main character Meena who is six years old. Meena is another character who is subjected to family alienation by own family members. This alienation is an example of family betrayal facilitated by close trusted friends. Her life takes a self discovery dimension after her efforts to please her mother becomes fruitless. An example is given when she steals a can of California sunshine for a gift; only for her mother to beat her up. Meena says, “I could only see it as family betrayal as I ran away” (Peres de Costa 251). Family betrayal becomes part of her life as she is overlooked by her mother to the favor of her sister. Her dad even emphasizes this family betrayal by overworking her, as seen when she asks her to always set the dinner table. This betrayal affects Meena psychologically to an extent that she alienates herself from the rest of the family members.

She narrates how she becomes confused “bumping everywhere” and there was nothing she could do about it, and only gave “a blind eye” (ibid 253). Instead, Meena starts to experiment with what she calls discovery of maturity and adulthood. She takes joy in masturbation and being anorexic. The mere fact that she cannot understand why her father keeps on disappearing into the basement, assures her that her family is dysfunctional. She cannot understand why her older family members are running away from responsibilities. Meena father is suffering from dementia; he is a psychological case and cannot designate responsibilities, has fear and cannot face reality. Meena has the same view of her mother, who keeps on disappearing physically, by taking walks in slippers and old coat. This family organization disturbs Meena to an extent she feels that she is the only outright thinking person in the family, in her own world and class. She is sees herself as a queen; an Egyptian queen (Birns & Rebecca 219).

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