Sample Essay

As mentioned previously, the role and the responsibility of a supervisor includes the assessment of teachers and students. After a very unbiased assessment of the teachers he or she is entitled to make a report on the performance of the teachers so that it helps the authorities such as the principal to decide which teacher is performing her best and who is to be warned. He or she basically maintains the records of performance.

As he or she has a complete record of the performance, the supervisor can be very helpful to the teachers when it comes to the effect of quality teaching and learning. The supervisor in this case carries out meetings with the teachers, may it be a group discussion or individual sessions, so as to discuss the problems of the teacher(s) which might be causing a hindrance in her or his way of teaching. This is a very important role played by the supervisor as it is the assessment of the teacher which effects the learning environment, the lives of the teachers and last but not the least, the kind of education that is being received by the students. Here the best option available for a supervisor is to use standardized test scores, by which he/she can compare the results of a teacher with the group of other teachers. This can help him or her in establishing as to what is hindering the teachers progress.

A supervisor also monitors the students, hence he or she are also responsible to keep a check on the learning of the students, and then if the supervisor thinks it necessary, then he or she can carry out sessions with the lacking students as well. For this also, the supervisor can use standardized test scores so as to compare every individuals performance with the rest of the group.

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