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Supervision in the field of education is very different as compared to the traditional role that is being played by supervisors in other fields of life. Keeping in mind the fact that a supervisor is one who oversees the performance of both the teachers and the students, he or she is also one who is looked up at by both of them as well.

The teachers share their problems with the supervisor and the students and teachers both at the same time expect guidance from the supervisor. Hence, we can easily conclude that a supervisor is one who can be considered as a person who is a teacher of teachers, for both the novice as well as the master teacher. The supervisor is one who not only examines the performance of teachers, but also guides them by sharing his or her own experience. This way, teachers feel free to seek advice from the supervisor, which turns the supervisor into a teacher for the master teachers themselves.

Another aspect is the students considering the supervisor as a teacher. This is also true because of the fact that they turn to the supervisor when they have a problem at hand or if they wish to understand something which was not properly explained by the teachers him or herself. Hence it is not wrong to say that the role played by a supervisor is such that he or she turns into a teacher for the students as well as the teachers.

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