Sample Essay

New Balance was responsible for outsourcing 75 percent of its final product assembly outside US to the Asian Countries and the remaining 25 percent were in their own five factories in theUnited States. New Balance imports raw materials from the Asian suppliers and the rest was done within their own factories in theUS. New Balance also has foreign suppliers as it has done its major business with China.


No doubt, New balance has been one of the best athletic show manufacturers around the globe and has served theUSmarkets to some great extent but it should apply the principles of the Toyota Production System and use some important concepts in shoe manufacturing which will help in producing goods. We don’t always improve the weakness it’s the system that has to be improved or in other words processes. New Balance is widely accepted and has its own market plus is the one of the top manufacturers in the US, their productivity can only be increased if they catch the customer’s attention worldwide and produce what everyone wants.

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