Sample Essay

The role of a manager and management is concerned with the scanning of the conventional environment. The policy makers may require from the management that it should conduct periodic surveys so as to provide the organization with the ongoing trends of the market place (Runnalls, 2007). This process scanning the environment by the management can also be used by the organization for the new product development and the reputation of the firm in the market may also be detected by these periodic surveys.

  As a matter of fact all the organizations are formed on an ongoing assumption. So in order to achieve this orientation the management of the contemporary organizations forecast the future of the organization relative to its present state. Wal-Mart for example forecast environment and conduct surveys about the new market before invading so that the organization can be successfully functional in the global market.

The management of the contemporary organization should adhere to the mission and vision of the organization so that they can navigate the future successfully. Besides this I my opinion the organization, Wal-Mart should adopt the reflective practitioner model, which will help the organization to remember the success and loop holes of the past and relate those experiences with the future to succeed and sustain the competitive market place.

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