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Kaplan and Norton have suggested theories under the internal perspective of the balanced map as well. The Internal Perspective explains business procedures and the particular activities that the organization have to accomplish to sustain the customer value proposition:[1]

  • Product Leadership Strategy:

–        Leading Edge Innovation Process.

Pearlis an innovation company and they are quick to accept to changes and also set the trends of the market since as the name suggests Pearl Oriental Innovation Limited is all about innovation in logistics and warehouse management. They are leading their way to the top and they are a huge enterprise operation nationwide in all mainstream cities.

  • Customer Intimacy Strategy:

–        Excellent Customer Management Process.

Pearlhas believed in providing the customers what the want and due to that they have on-time delivery and flexibility of supply chain as their most important performance parameters. Customer relationship management systems have also helped enhance customer intimacy.

  • Operational Excellence Strategy:

–        Excellent Distribution, Efficient Operations etc.

Pearlis all about operational excellence since they haven’t compromised on this perspective at all and they have advanced logistics to support their business including efficient operations and strategies to complement their business.

[1] Kaplan, Robert S; and David P. Norton. The Strategy Focused Organization.Cambridge, M.A:HarvardBusinessSchool Press, 2001.

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