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SWOT Analysis:
In terms of SWOT analysis and the economic developments of Singapore are concerned, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats exists for the country.
Strengths account for all the positive and strong points that a country has in terms of its growth and performance. Singapore indeed has much strength attached to its name that has helped the country progress so much within the span of few decades.
Firstly the country’s location has been very strategic lying in straits of Malacca which is a busy route in international trade. Due to this location Singapore has been very successful in trading and has contributed billions of dollars in improving the GDP rate of the country.
The other strength of the country has been the commitment of the country’s people towards the economic progress of the country. It is widely observed that Singaporeans have been very patriotic and have been devoting their skills to the country instead of working for more money in other countries.
This has been one reason behind Singapore’s quick economic success and development. Planning of the Singaporeans have been the strength too that has led to economic growth. Not all the nations of the world are blessed with this quality and having honest and just people has always been the strength to a nation. Due to presence of leaders Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore has progressed so much which indeed has been the strength of the nation.

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