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Toys R Us has been able to establish a smart brand recall through its marketing communications. It has acquired mind share of prospects and customers alike. The words toy brings a connected image of a Toys R Us store to most people’s minds. Toys R Us has also established itself as an ethical organization involved in adhering to standards of corporate social responsibility. Through holding campaigns to ensure child safety, supporting autism and other causes for children too. The appointment of Gerald L. Storch as the new chief executive officer is also a strength of the marketing strategy. Since he was formerly Vice Chairman of Target Corporation and knows the business proceedings of the competitor and can help Toys R Us develop capabilities to combat the onslaught from discount retailers.


Toys R Us has not been able to position itself as a price leader or a value provider in the industry due to its mixed set of marketing promotions. It should focus on one aspect on business either go after the experience retailing or target low cost differentiation strategy in its marketing communications. Its growth strategy is not a very feasible option under the prevailing environmental factors it should focus on a particular high growth niche and develop a competitive advantage in it. . It responds to the changes in marketing environment though most of its initiatives as a response to the marketing environment have been dismal. Its marketing has had a selling attitude, which should be changed towards what brings it long term profitability.

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