Sample Essay

Tao refers to the meaning “the way”. The people when communicating refer Tao to their practices. Harmony with the environment is the key essence of the practices of human beings. The word Tao goes much beyond Taoism. Taoism leads people to refrain from the material world and enter into the world of theology and enlightenment.

Taoism says that mind, body and spirit should be implemented. This should surely be kept pure and clear so that it could create harmony in the person generally and also within himself. It has been very long that Taoism is duly practiced as it is spread to the future generations. Apart from other religions and philosophies, Taoism is a practice which helps individuals to earn primary understanding regarding the natural environment. Taoism unlikely other religions develop an inner self feeling which creates harmony and synchronization in an individual which helps him learn more about the natural environment.

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