Sample Essay

The target audience of the advertisement of each advert is as follows:

Dove shampoo; Ladies who want conditioned, silky, and easy to manage hair

Ponds age miracle cream; Again ladies heading towards thirties when skin starts to age

Comfort fabric softener; Ladies who do their laundry themselves and want to give the clothes a soft and fresh feeling

Mc Donald’s; The entire family, Everyone

During the advertisement of Dove shampoo, the brand name as well as the brand logo was used twice. For Ponds age miracle cream, the brand logo was constantly displayed and the brand name was spoken twice. In the advert of Comfort, the brand logo appeared once but the brand mane was spoken thrice and for Mc Donald’s the brand logo again was displayed constantly and the brand name was spoken twice. For Ponds the web address was given at the end once whereas for the rest of the adverts neither phone number nor web address was given. The network and station and network logo appeared constantly, even during the break when adverts were being aired. Other programs, i.e movies were also advertised during each break. Around three movies in each break.

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