Sample Essay

CSR have managed to advertise their new product in the most widely circulated newspapers and magazines across the Australia and the target segment of this product have been mainly everyone who has been busy in the daily day walk of life. Today, every individual has been struggling hard enough to meet their desired goals and for that a healthy diet is required to make sure an individual remains fit mentally and physically hence the new product is healthy enough to be used by any segment.

In a research carried out by CSR with the assistance of Nielsen, it was identified that children and housewives are more likely to be targeted by the company for the new product as these two types of people are mainly the ones who are actually more in need of having a healthy diet plan. Children are always growing and they need strong attention so that they are able to get the right and proper diet hence such products ensure that the children get the best when they consume the product.

Housewives are also being targeted as women tend to suffer bones problems once they give birth to babies. Women tend to develop bone problems too when they approach late 30s of their age. Hence this new product will be vital for women to use.

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