Sample Essay


In most of the case student might adjust with mathematics and science but it is hard for them to relate themselves with social studies. The students are not at fault. The course teacher should design such a teaching strategy that students would not throw a tantrum while studying this subject. Teaching and assessment go hand in hand for this course.

Content literacy is the first step that would help the teachers give instructions properly and students to understand the concept. It is up to the teachers to engage the students with difficult content using reading and writing methods. The standard of content is both essential for teaching and assessing. If the content is quantitative and not qualitative then teachers should expect the same from students while assessing their work. It is a give-and-take process. Teachers and students both need to know the significance of reading and writing in this course. This will ease the process of teaching and assessment. (Hester and Bixler)

Example # 1

Consider this case: Students at Georgetown independent school district find social studies uninteresting because they think it does not hold any relevance with their daily life. The teachers on the other hand think it is not worth their time because there are quite a number of students who don’t know how to read or write. With this type of attitude from teachers, teaching the subject which requires attention becomes even harder. Will the result be as desired by the teachers? Will the expectations of teachers and students be fulfilled with this course? The answer is definitely no. The teachers believe that the students have given up because in actual the teacher has given up. In order to combat such challenges, Georgetown designed programs to use assessments as a tool for improving learning abilities of the students. (Hester and Bixler) Assessments (formal, alternative or informal) encourage the students to work and prove themselves in classroom. The New York State Testing Program offers the New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA). (“Assessment”) Since this type of assessment has provided good results, it is carried out in all elementary schools as directed by the New York State. (“Assessment”)

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