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Consider another scenario which involves teaching method’s impact on assessment. The teacher should think about the type of learner s/he is going to come across. The teaching strategies the instructor designs might be helpful to engage normal or gifted students but may not be so helpful when the instructor has to encounter English language learners, dyslexic or considerable weak students. New York State Alternative assessment is a data folio-style assessments in which students with severe learning disabilities demonstrate their performance toward achieving the New York State learning standards. (“Assessment”) Prior knowledge to the topic under discussion is essential. If the students show lack of intellectual hook they may find the topic hard to understand because they will have problems with vocabulary used in the text. Another set of students may have multiplier effect. In multiplier effect students have prior knowledge about the topic but they are unable to make connections. Some student may even have wrong or incomplete knowledge about the topic. For this purpose teachers should set the goals of teaching. They should review the vocabulary and access prior knowledge. That is not enough. Assessing the students’ attention and checking on them (whether they are with the class or not), also assesses the teacher’s ability to engage the students. This proves that teaching and assessment are parallel to one another. (Hester and Bixler)

The input teacher will provide definitely adds up to the output from the students. If teaching methods are improved by introducing diary notes or graphic notes and chapter tours, the students would show interest because they will have to respond to the questions teachers put forward. If groups are made and each group is assigned to go along a specific topic or chapter, it will not only be constructive and useful for the students to learn and create story using ninety percent of words presented but it will also help the instructor design an assessment material.  (McDaniel 2010)

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