Sample Essay

In order to the patient we will have to support the patient in terms of her development and growth as well as support her through her disorder. For this first and foremost the teaching plan has to be made which will be focused towards attaining the short term goals of stabilizing her conditioned by increasing her attention span and enabling her to focus on her studies. The specialized tutoring would be provided which will focus on maintaining equilibrium of her mental state while providing for the education of the patient. Moreover in the long term the goal of the teaching plan would be to encourage the patient to become more communicative and more gregarious in nature. This will increase her confidence level and aid in stabilizing her mood swings. Moreover the present of family and friends would help her be more normal like others around her making her less likely to be suicidal.

The timing in the teaching plan would be such that she will be catered to after her school hours. The duration of the sessions will be kept 1hour long in the begging which will be gradually increased to 3 hours in order to not burden the patient in a sudden manner. The treatment for the patient and her teaching would start alongside her stay in the hospital. This will make it possible for us to closely monitor her and test her in her real world environment as she gets discharged. Her treatment however will continue on even after her discharge and can span to most of her life.

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