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Each team has its own dynamics however, functional teams share these characteristics (Bodwell 1996, 1999); Full Participation, Trust, Open Communication, Clear Roles – By work function

Below are some of the roles needed in performing a certain task or project:

Initiator – Puts ideas on the table.

• Facilitator/Leader – Defines problem and sets agenda.

• Recorder/”Secretary”- Records all ideas with no other comment. It can also act as a timekeeper.

• Devil’s Advocate/Skeptic- Reviews ideas for potential problems.

• Optimist – Person who keeps a positive frame of mind and facilitates – search for solutions.

• Summarizer/Clarifier – Summarizes and clarifies results. Is often the same as the facilitator.

• Liaison/Spokesperson – Maintains contact with the instructor on behalf of the group. It could be the same as the recorder or the facilitator.

• Reflector – Does not participate in the group activities, but observes process and reports results to the group.

• Quite: Not participating, agrees to everything said by other members

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