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After the detailed critical review it can be concluded from the above that PRINCE2 is a highly efficient methodology, and this is because of its structural capabilities and the ability to enable a plan of a project allowing control.

In retrospect PRINCE2 is a tried and tested project management methodology. If used in a selective manner it may be very helpful for all kinds of projects across multiple industries. Although, due to its comprehensiveness PRINCE2 is not usually deployed in conjunction with other project management methodologies or techniques, the tailoring technique can be used effectively to produce successful project results. In addition to this a greater degree of human intervention can also be deployed to make the technique more effective. For example:

  1. Project teams could agree on a certain protocol for project communication that would result in a less amount of paper work.
  2. Roles and responsibilities for team members could be more clearly defined. This would help in reducing the risk involved of not training all the team members about PRINCE2 standards and jargons.
  3. Project managers could identify and involve more stakeholders in the weekly/bi-weekly project reports that are submitted to the project steering committee.

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