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Another precaution regarding getting an accurate reading is to get tare weight. Tare weight is the container’s weight when it is empty. This technique is useful in calculating net weight for a chemical which can be used in charging the customer properly. Usually scales have “tare weight” settings so it is easy to do the job. (Smith 2010)

There are different techniques to weigh a chemical. Weigh boats are made of polypropylene and are containers used to avoid reagents from contacting the balance pan. They are used to measure liquid substances (micro samples) because of their inability to absorb water or liquid. They are low-cost and do not require to be handled with care. (Fox, Scientific)
Weighing paper is a piece of paper is used to weigh solid chemicals also known as macro samples. It should not be expected of the balance to give accurate reading if the last person to use the balance did not re-tare the balance, without a load, the reading may be negative. (Fox, Scientific)To be more precise about the reading, it is advised to use scoopula. Scoopula is a must-have for laboratory workers. It helps to recover and dispense powder or chemicals (solids) for weighing or transferring to flasks or beakers.

Scoopula, temperature, physical stability and other precautions may not be of any use if care is not taken while placing the chemicals in proper container. It is not advised to put the chemicals back to their original container after weighing them because of chances of residue in the container. This possibility of residue in the original container clearly explains that the reading cannot be trusted.

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