Sample Essay

From the above analysis that regards the future of books, it can be argued that the continued emergence of new technologies have resulted in the development of better platforms over which books would continue to be produced and used. The major difference however is the fact that new technologies have shifted the existed the usage of books from the commonly used printed versions of books to the electronic formats (Joseph & Clayton 2005, pp.23-53). Electronic formats therefore closely integrate the usage of both printed formats and the digital signatures.

Despite the many changes that may occur in the books production arena, it is evident that the new technologies have been in the front line in ensuring that books continue to thrive. Various social sites have also witnessed new trends of sharing books. Rather than continuing to brother books from the libraries and purchasing books from books shops, people have invented new methodologies of sharing information (Kremer 1993, pp.600-715). The likely future trends of books could be fully exchange of the books through electronic means.

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