Shaw’s works have provided a unique and a remarkable overview of what technology can achieve and how the artist can today involve the observers in his artistic experience through the creation of an interactive platform. This interactive platform allows audiences to enjoy and experience the same artistic creativity which the artist feels. The platform is no longer limited to texts or images, but rather a balanced use of both in order to create a virtual environment.

Because this environment is non-existent in reality and only virtual, it is highly important to engage the audiences at all levels and to gain their attention and focus for relatively longer periods of time. This is achieved through the use of the visual over the verbal – where seeing at objects and programs/things created will allow audiences greater understanding as well as higher engagement levels. Textual characters in this way, however, are not completely neglected but made use of as a support language, without which the former would not have been succeeded.

In understanding the importance of the same, I believe that my work corresponds closely with that of Shaw. This is because

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