Sample Essay

Since the precedent numerous decades, innumerable researches have proved that there are more than a few ways in which television can be destructive to the psychological and bodily wellbeing of children. No more than a handful of programs are good for the children which teach them skills such as arithmetic, reading, and science or dilemma solutions. More than half of the shows on television, together with cartoons are in no way educational at all. Basically, the more time a child spends watching, the more likely it is that the child would perform poorer at school and get lesser scores on consistent tests. This is true, because when you come down to think on it, the time that the kid is spending on watching television is lesser time depleted on homework or having interesting exchanges with grown ups or other children. What is more is that watching TV late at night makes the children feel tired, which stops them from paying full attention in school during the day.

In a number of occurrences, TV programming endorses off-putting behavior. Violence can be taken as the best example. Even the shows that are dedicated to children at times promote violence. It has been proved that children have a tendency to act rashly and violently depending on the extent of aggression and the overall number of brutal programs that are watched by him (Kim, p.1).

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