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Other works that were presented by Alexander Pope include  Windsor Forest, 1713; Temple of Fame, 1715. A collection of his works was printed in the year 1717 and this collection presented the Epistle of Eloisa and Elegy on an Unfortunate Lady, which were two poems that gained fame for dismal beauty along with a complete harmonious versification. After this, Pope was rather busy with his translations of Iliad and Odyssey which also gained much fame. Between the year 1728-1729, he published Dunciad and then later he presented to the readers a vast number of poetical compositions, ethical and idealistic, inclusive of satires and replications of Horace, which all gained appraisal for intellect, humor, strength, and vividness. Out of all of these highly enjoyable poems, the best known is the Essay on Man.

It is widely believed that no other writer, except Pope has ever gained so many enemies. Through his work he criticized people like Bufo and Sporus, Sappho and Atosa, and a vast number of others by naming them outright or by a thin disguise. In this without a doubt he got the better of himself, for the vast mass of the sufferers of his satire would have been forgotten a very long time back but that he has preserve d them for all time in the “Dunciad” and a number of other works. If one wishes to consider his aspect of gaining hatred and the burden of malice with regard to those who had gained his fury, we must take it positively for him as in his work his followers found much material of significance.

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